Photon Clinical Medical Physicist I - Radiation Oncology

  • Location: Rochester, MN
  • Posted: May 16, 2019

Job Description

The primary responsibilities of the Clinical Medical Physicist are to manage equipment and procedures to ensure that patients receive the prescribed dose of radiation to the correct location safely and effectively, to implement new technologies and procedures into the clinic, and to collaborate with Radiation Oncologists and other staff to design treatment plans.

These responsibilities include:Performing and documenting the initial commissioning and calibration of radiation producing machines and equipment used in the delivery of radiation therapy.
Managing the on-going quality assurance of equipment used in simulation and delivery of radiation therapy.
Analyzing and evaluating equipment performance used in simulation and delivery of radiation therapy.
Providing technical assistance and clinical support to Radiation Oncologists, Dosimetrists, Radiation Therapists, and other staff.
Developing, evaluating, and implementing new technologies and procedures for patient treatments.
Providing the necessary data for patient dose calculations and verifying the accuracy of such calculations.
Ensuring that radiation treatments preserve the radiation safety of staff, patients, and the public.
Remaining current on treatment techniques and applicable Medical Physics practice, as well as Federal, State, and institutional safety guidelines.
Pursuing board certification.
Providing instruction to medical physics residents and to other staff and students.


M.S., M.M.P., D.M.P., or Ph.D. in Medical Physics or a master's and/or doctoral degree in Physics or a related field. Completion of a CAMPEP (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs) accredited residency in Therapeutic Medical Physics.

Employment Type

  • Full Time