• Location: Durham, NC
  • Posted: May 17, 2019

Job Description

Schedule: Tuesday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm; Saturday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm

Occupational Summary
Develop, improve, or restore skills in activities of daily living, workor productive activities and play or leisure. Intervention involvestherapeutic use of meaningful and purposeful occupations, adaptation ofenvironments, promotion of health and wellness, graded tasks andactivities as prerequisites to engagement in occupations, design,fabrication, application or training in the use of assistive technologyor orthotic/prosthetic devices, application of physical agent modalitiesand application of ergonomic principles to the performance ofoccupations. Serve as a resource person for the team and department;participates in orientation of new staff therapists, physicians andother health personnel. The senior participates in teaching activitiesfor occupational therapy and other health related students.
Work Performed
See departmental criteria for clinical ladder advancement eligibility.Demonstrate and articulate sound clinical reasoning in synthesizingcomplex evaluation data identifying diagnosis and developing acomprehensive plan of care.Develop and update appropriate plan of care in collaboration with thepatient/family and related to the person's age and lifestyle withmeasurable long and short term goals and a defined D/C plan.Understand the role of occupational therapy in the context of thepatient's age, total needs perspective and environment.Select and administer appropriate assessment and treatment techniques.Perform age appropriate competency skills in area of practice and withrespect to individual patient's problems.Follow intervention protocols and revise interventions appropriately.Discharge patient when goals have been met or medical necessity is nolonger indicated.Establish provisions for continuing services/follow up as needed.Meet competency skills for evaluations in area of practice.Consistently meet patient care productivity standard as established forjob classification.Work cooperatively with supervisors and peers to contribute to theoverall productivity of the team.Utilize support personnel (aides, senior aides, assistants) asappropriate and available.Actively support and participate in patient coverage efforts across alldivisions within the department as necessary.Assess the learning needs and capabilities of patients and caregivers.Initiate patient and family education in a timely manner relative toage, LOS, readiness to learn, and emotional status.Utilize appropriate methods and materials for effective learning,monitoring response to education, and adapting program appropriately.Ensure that patient/family understands when and how to access furtherintervention.Patient care documentation is timely, legible, and efficient.Documentation is concise, pertinent and meets the professions anddepartments documentation standards.Oral reporting is clear, concise, relevant, and timely.Perform all required data collection for the department accurately andwithin expected time frame.Peer review standards are consistently met.Collaborate effectively with other members of the health care team.Take one to two students for short-term clinical rotation.Adjust supervisory techniques for individual students' needs.Provide in-services on clinical education attended.Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
Knowledge Skills and Abilities
Ability to push-pull, lift-carry, and transfer patients.
Level Characteristics
See Clinical Ladder administration document

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Schedule Information

Schedule: First/Day

Duke Health

705 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 684-5600

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