Assistant Operator - Waste Management

  • Location: Rochester, MN
  • Posted: Mar 12, 2019

Job Description

Responsible for guiding waste through the incineration process. Responsible for maintaining compliance with USEPA, MPCA, USDA and the city of Rochester regulations. This includes adjusting waste weights for optimal burn efficiency, monitoring the control panel to ensure the waste combustor, wet scrubber, WESP, wastewater treatment system, Urea, and caustic systems are functioning within their designed specifications and setpoints. Oversees the data acquisition system and carries out adjustments to comply with the operating permit. Notifies Operators of potential failures and provides technical and mechanical assistance for repairs and modifications of facility systems. Is relied upon in emergencies, repairs and power outages. Operates front end loader to stage trash for the receiving conveyors and to clear the unloading area for the trash trucks. Operates articulating material handlers to keep trash pits flowing to the conveyance system. Performs ongoing checks on all systems using the computer operating system. Provides training and technical knowledge to new facility employees. Operates the high pressure boiler to provide steam to the smoke eater and infectious waste sterilizers. Performs record keeping on ash roll-offs, waste deliveries, circular charts, bar code deliveries, regulated waste deliveries and daily log book. Operates fork lift to dump ash and unload deliveries. Loads and monitors the pathological incinerator. Attends on and off site training for new equipment, MPCA certification, electrical, safety and permit changes. Sanitizes waste carts, ensuring at least one load of sanitized carts is ready to return to the Clinic campus at all times. Requires the ability to work rotating shifts and overtime, as needed, including some weekends.


High school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to operate powered and un-powered hand tools. Must be able to operate a fork lift, bobcat, front-end loader, articulating arm, floor scrubber and floor sweeper. Requires general computer operating ability.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Schedule Information

Hours: 80