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  • Posted: May 24, 2019

Job Description

The clinical pharmacist provides comprehensive medication management services that integrate clinical services, order management, patient/staff education and research. Clinical pharmacists are responsible for improving the patients experience, safety, and achieving positive clinical and financial outcomes. This position is responsible to an immediate supervisor with co-supervision provided by the management team.


Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree OR Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPharm) degree with 3 years hospital experience required. ASHP Accredited Residency in Pharmacy Practice (PGY1) is recommended. Licensure with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy is required.

Major Responsibilities:

The following key performance areas (Clinical, Operations/Distribution, Financial, Safety and Regulatory, Research and Education) are performed by the clinical pharmacist:

Clinical Performance

Participates in the drug therapy management of medical emergencies
Facilitates discharge planning and smooth transition to alternate sites of care and access to an ambulatory pharmacy.
Maintains and updates a patient profile with demographics, diagnosis, allergies, and current medications.
Discusses medication order clarifications with the prescriber, documents any pharmacy records, and communicates medication order changes as needed.
Reconciles pharmacy and nursing medication administration records (MARs) daily.
Provides drug information to health care professionals and to patients.
Monitors drug therapy to evaluate appropriateness of use, dose, dosage form, regimen, route, therapeutic duplication, and drug interaction
Maintains competency in unique aspects of drug therapy for the patients to whom they provide care, including general competencies related to all patients
Counsels patients on discharge medications as appropriate.
Documents clinical interventions and cost avoidance as part of the Departmental documentation program.
Provides medication management services in a collaborative manner that consist of the following:
Reviewing patient medication history
Educating patients on drug therapy
Establishing desired outcomes
Assessing patient demographics
Developing therapeutic plans
Determining alternatives for achieving outcomes
Developing drug monitoring plans
Implementing new drug regimens
Monitoring patient outcomes
Documenting medication related issues in patient chart
Interpreting laboratory data
Reviewing patient medication profiles
Monitoring pharmacokinetics of drug therapy
Monitoring potential adverse drug - drug and drug - food interactions.

Operations/Distribution Performance

Provides computer order entry
Ensures compliance with controlled substance distribution and monitoring
Cross-covers in a variety of practice areas within the pharmacy as requested by supervisor
Ensures proper technique and accurate preparation of all pharmaceutical products, including oral, IV admixtures, chemotherapeutic, and investigational agents.
Ensures the timely and accurate dispensing of drugs and solutions from the pharmacy area.
Responsible for the accurate filling and dispensing of drugs and solutions from the pharmacy area
Checks unit dose non-Pyxis medication batch for accuracy.
Verifies order entry by technicians.
Reviews medication orders for appropriateness and checks first doses of IV admixtures and unit dose medications prepared by technicians.

Financial Performance

Promotes the use of formulary drugs by converting non-formulary orders to formulary drugs when possible. Coordinates procurement of non-formulary drugs when necessary.
Conducts target drug programs and drug usage evaluations as needed and reports results to Department Managers/ Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.
Identifies and acts upon cost avoidance in drug therapy by promoting cost effective regimens, drugs, and by reducing waste.
Participates in cost saving programs such as IV to PO and therapeutic substitution.

Safety and Regulatory Performance

Detects, monitors, documents, and reports adverse drug reactions and medication errors.
Utilizes the Clinical pADE Rules Engine Report on a daily basis to identify and intervene on potential adverse drug events.
Participates in JCAHO and other accreditation and regulatory activities such as National Patient Safety Goals and Core Measure review

Research and Education Performance

Precepts Early Pharmacy Practice Experience (EPPE) rotation students, and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation students, and pharmacy residents consistent with academic credentials and clinical experience.
Participates in continuing education programs, meetings, training programs and related activities.
Prepares presentations, publications and other information sharing activities for the health care community and general public.

Complies with established departmental policies, procedures, and objectives.

Attends variety of meetings, conferences, seminars as required or directed.

Demonstrates use of Quality Improvement in daily operations.

Complies with all health and safety regulations and requirements.

Respects diverse views and approaches, and contributes in maintaining an environment of professionalism, tolerance, civility and acceptance toward all employees, patients and visitors.

Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed.

All responsibilities are essential job functions.

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