Surgical Assistant

  • Location: Marietta, OH

  • Posted: Apr 19, 2019

Job Description

In an environment of continuous quality improvement, the Surgical Assistant is responsible for providing aid in exposure, hemostasis, and other technical functions that will help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient and Memorial Health System. Role will vary based on each procedure, area, surgeon and facility. Exhibits the MHS Standards of Excellence and exercises strict confidentiality at all times.

Job Requirements:

Certification as a Surgical Technologist with a minimum of 3 years of experience as a Surgical Technologist and Certification as a Surgical Assistant from a Surgical Assistant Program required

Basic Life Support (BLS) required will obtain during hospital orientation

Ability to anticipate problems and problem solve

Ability to handle large volumes of work with attention to detail

Ability to work with interruptions

Job Functions:

1. Performs the appropriate preoperative skin scrub for the particular procedure and circumstance.

2. Demonstrates the understanding of aseptic technique and sterile vs. non-sterile areas.

3. Wears appropriate protective equipment.

4. Reviews patient chart.

5. Routinely verifies any patient allergies and changes the prep solutions accordingly.

6. Assists in patient positioning.

7. Assists in Urinary catheter placement.

8. Preps surgical site.

9. Drapes patient with surgeon's guidelines.

10. Displays surgical conscience for the safety of the patient, other employees and themselves.

11. Facilitates voluntarily in an assistant or non-assistant room, and works efficiently with the OR team, performing duties in an efficient and safe manner.

12. Displays knowledge of the surgeon's preferences and prepare the prep tray in a sterile, economical, and uniform manner with the supplies needed.

13. Demonstrates the proper use of equipment in a smooth, safe, and efficient manner.

14. Follows the pace set by the surgeon, and without delay in the thought process, participates in the procedure to maintain a smooth and efficient flow of the operation.

15. Displays knowledge of the different routines, procedures and anatomy which enables anticipation of the surgeon's needs.

16. Assists in retracting tissues per surgeon's directive.

17. Clamps, ligates, and cuts tissue, per surgeon's directive.

18. Assists in placement and suturing of surgical drains.

19. Closes all wound layers as per surgeon.

20. Assists in varies surgical procedures.

21. Maintains and updates knowledge of surgical instruments and equipment.

22. Maintains extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

23. Maintains a professional working relationship with staff and physicians.

24. Maintains compliance in RQI.

25. Assumes all other duties and responsibilities as necessary.

Employment Type

  • Full Time -72 hours

Schedule Information

Hours: 9a-9p with call

Memorial Health System

401 Matthew Street
Marietta, OH 45750

Phone: (740) 374-1632

Fax: (740) 374-1632



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