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Pharmacy Technician

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Posted: Oct 12, 2017

Job Description

Req ID: 35400
Performs technician duties to optimize customer service and productivity
Prioritizes, enters, fills, labels and bags prescriptions accurately
Calculates correct day supplies and enters compounded prescriptions with accuracy
Enters patient and third party information correctly
Processes refill requests quickly
Processes bills and rebills quickly and accurately
Follows direction regarding workflow systems to ensure safe, timely and cost effective administration of medications
Performs work processes efficiently at each work station
Communicates with the pharmacy team and leaders to ensure effective working relationships
Maintains good rapport and respect for coworkers
Takes direction from leaders
Utilizes Allina policies and procedures in completion of daily
Uses a communication technique reflecting attention to age and the specific needs of the patient or staff member
Ensures that all work processes are performed efficiently at each work station
Performs filling duties to ensure quick and accurate prescription delivery
Effectively prioritizes work to meet customer promise times
Utilizes proper tools and resources to ensure prescription instocks are maximized through daily ordering and use of return programs
Reduces audit risks through proper checks such as DAW, days supply, signatures, dates, take as directed and returns-to-stock
Ensures pharmacy environment meets standards for cleanliness, safeness and presents a professional atmosphere
Maintains confidentiality of patients, families and staff
Complies with all Allina controlled substance policies and procedures
Documents and complies with standards for any active accreditations
Performs daily cash control routines where needed
Maintains organized records of invoices, reports and other important documents
Provides great customer service with patients, families, nursing staff and others
Greets patients, employees, and medical staff in a timely and courteous manner
Asks questions to help obtain information needed


3-5 years retail pharmacy experience preferred

Registered technician in Minnesota
PTCB certification required at time of hire


Allina Health

2925 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: (612) 262-5000


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