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Cardiac Sonographer

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Posted: Dec 22, 2016

Job Description

Req ID: 27940
Must be registered through RDCS
Expected to independently perform complete transthoracic studies, following ANW written protocols for adult echo
Must be competent to document a written preliminary for each study
Must demonstrate ability to assist cardiologist with transesophageal exams
Must demonstrate knowledge of proper TEE probe disinfecting techniques, using Cidex OPA, and be assessed, annually
Must proficiently capture stress echo imaging, within 90 seconds impost
Must be able to maintain identical cardiac window for each of 4 phases of Dobutamine stress echo
Must demonstrate technical competency in the use of contrast agents
Must be able to follow multiple research protocols, completing detailed studies along with required paperwork
Must be able to follow LVAD protocols, and document all acquired data for ramp studies
Must be experienced in HCM transthoracic echo and be ready to learn HCM stress Doppler echo
Must be competent to recognize abnormal, life threatening situations and alert appropriate physician to these findings effectively
Must know sterile technique, to assist with pericardial centesis
Must stay current in their CME status and be responsible for obtaining and recording these credits
Must be physically able to move ultrasound equipment to bedside for portable exams
Will be expected to present two powerpoint correlations annually, as required for accreditation
Must be willing and able to assume call responsibilities within 3 months of hire


3 years performing adult echo
3 years assisting with transesophageal echo
2 years stress echo experience

Knowledge of cardiac anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology
Ability to document a written preliminary summary of technical findings, using all modalities of cardiac exam
Assist with Transesophageal echo, including 3D technology
Competency to perform stress/dobutamine stress echo, independently
Competent to perform over 25 research echo protocols
Ability to determine the need for use of contrast agents in stress study, and the exlusion criteria for the use of definity
Knowledge of what valvular screening is mandatory before performing stress/dobutamine studies for patient safety
Must be competent in HCM transthoracic echo, and ready to learn HCM stress echo
Implement appropriate infection control precautions
Understand basic ultrasound physics
Identify a life-threatening situation and carry out emergency care
Maintain semiannual BLS certification

RDCS registration
BLS certification

Schedule Information

Hours: 40


Allina Health

2925 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: (612) 262-5000

Fax: (612) 262-5000


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