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Iowa Specialty Hospital

Once just a vision and a mission, Iowa Specialty Hospital now stands as a physical commitment to delivering the most advanced, specialized care to the communities of North Central Iowa. Originally two award-winning hospitals, Belmond Medical Center and Wright Medical Center combined their individually renowned hospitals together under one single name in 2012. Under this collaboration and through both campuses, Iowa Specialty Hospital proudly offers the most focused, specialized care to you and your loved ones.
For us, there is no greater reward than delivering the most exceptional, specialized care directly to you. By bringing the region’s leading medical specialists to the newest and most advanced facilities2, our nationally acclaimed and award-winning staff are committed to making your care their first priority. As a patient of Iowa Specialty Hospital, we are privileged to share with you our leadership in patient care through advanced technology, experience and safety. Our award-winning patient outcomes and patient satisfaction scores place us among the best in the nation and we are proud to share it with you.
Thank you for choosing Iowa Specialty Hospital – Where we specialize in you.