Myrtue Medical Center

Purpose of Myrtue Medical Center:  Myrtue Medical Center provides high-quality , cost-effective health care services to improve the well-being of the people it serves.

Mission Statement:  Myrtue Medical Center will serve the health care needs of our service area.

Vision Statement:  Myrtue Medical Center will become an integrated rural health care system that improves the health and well-being of those it serves. 

Values of Myrtue Medical Center:

  • Integrity:  Truthful, honest, adherence to a moral code
  • Service:  Placing the needs of others above our own
  • Partnership:  Seek others who match our commitment
  • Stewardship:  Use of our resources wisely
  • Safety:  Provide environment free of accidental injury

Job Seekers:  Applicants who are highly competent and compassionate, and whose best interest is caring for patients.  Myrtue Medical Centers is not your "typical" rural hospital.  Our integrated health care facility incorporates the Harlan, Avoca, Shelby, Elk Horn and Earling medical clinics as well as behavioral health, community health and most recently the Petersen Family Wellness Center and Lewis Aquatic Complex.  We take pride in our customer service and quality patient care.  Myrtue Medical Center has recently completed a $16.3 million renovation project including $1.5 million of advanced medical equipment and technology upgrades which make Myrtue Medical Center a top-notch facility with a home town atmosphere.  Harlan and the surrounding communities are conveniently located in southwest Iowa within driving distance of Omaha Nebraska and Des Moines Iowa metro areas.  If you are friendly, compassionate and care about people, we want you to join our team. 


Top 20 Critical Access Hospital in the nation.  "Hospital best prepared for continued success."  Rated on market strength, value based strength, financial strength.