NorthCrest Medical Center

The statement, "You are the Center of our attention," aptly describes the treatment you receive at NorthCrest Medical Center in Springfield. For five decades, the citizens of this area have depended upon this community's hospital to provide an unparalleled level of personal attention and expert medical care.

Today, NorthCrest Medical Center contributes to the success of the community by providing hundreds of jobs and by providing excellent medical care to thousands of area citizens. In an ever-changing economic environment, NorthCrest continues to weather the turbulent storms of governmental budget cuts and to stand as the only not-for-profit, primary medical care center in the area. Additionally, your hospital continues to be involved in community activities and continues to offer you the best healthcare resources currently available.

From the dedicated physicians and medical center staff who give you care to the non-clinical, support personnel and volunteers, your community hospital is composed of people - an integral thread of this county's fabric. NorthCrest continues to attract highly qualified physicians and staff, those who are educated and trained at some of the leading institutions in the nation, because of the "fabric" of this area. They choose to come to NorthCrest to work due to the warm, friendly staff and because of the special environment of the community. These people, our associates and staff, are the community.