Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital

Founded in December 2002, Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital specializes in excellence in Surgical Services, Diagnostic Imaging, and Pain Management. The hospital offers state-of-the art and most advanced MRI, computed tomography and myelography technology available. It is the depth of experience and the abilities of the physicians and nurses at Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital that make it the ideal place for high tech and high touch to unite.

Designed to be more personal and inviting than the typical medical facility, Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital occupies a resort-like setting on nine acres of woodlands near the Arkansas River. A 130,000 square-foot state-of-the-art medical center, the Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital anchors the newly developed 54-acre Olympia Medical Park complex at 71st Street between U.S. Highway 75 and the Arkansas River.

The physicians at Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital believe their ability to provide the best possible care for their patients will be improved by direct involvement in quality assurance, resource management and cost control issues. One of many “committees” in this hospital is the medical staff, which meets weekly in order to discuss administrative matters, make decisions and implement policies and procedures that directly and immediately impact patients.