Cherokee Indian Hospital

  • Cherokee, NC, USA

Cherokee Indian Hospital is a family practice based hospital and clinic located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in western North Carolina. It serves approximately 14,000 Native Americans across a five county area through a variety of programs funded and operated through both the Indian Health Service and the Tribal Health Delivery System.

In October 1980, Chief John Crowe dedicated the present hospital “to the spirit of our people, those who worked before us, those who worked with us, and those children who will someday work after us.”  IHS opened this facility in 1981 increasing staff, service and outpatient visits.

On September 2, 2002, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation assumed ownership of Cherokee Indian Hospital through a compact with Indian Health Service.  Resolution 410 established the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority, as an entity of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation and gave them the authority and power to decide how services, functions and activities are funded and carried out.  Today Cherokee Indian Hospital is an 18 bed facility serving a population of 14,000 Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and their descendants.

The facility provided preventative, curative and rehabilitative services.  Staff averages 230 employees seeing, on average, 1700 ambulatory visits, 1500 emergency visits, and 750 dental visits a month.  Secondary care is provided through contractors from the private sector and averages around 9,500 referrals a year.  Since tribal ownership, Cherokee Indian Hospital has expanded its infrastructure building a foundation, networking with WNC hospitals, increasing funding revenues and strengthening financial services.

Cherokee Indian Hospital strives to be a “Cherokee community” hospital continuously improving the health status of the tribe and sensitive to the culture and values of the community.


  • 2008 Davies Award / Public Health Award