Florida Hospital Association

Florida hospitals are vital community resources that employ over 247,000 professionals, invest in local goods and services, and train the next generation of health care professionals. They are responsible for creating 927,700 jobs, and generating $120 billion in total economic impact statewide each year, or 9.7 percent of the state's Gross Regional Product. In 2011, Florida's hospitals treated 2.3 million inpatients, performed 1.3 million outpatient surgeries, and provided care to 6.7 million emergency department patients.
The Florida Hospital Association provides a unified voice for the Florida hospital community, advocating on behalf of its hospital and health system members to maintain and improve access to affordable, quality health care for all Florida residents. 
On both a state and federal level, FHA is committed to educating and collaborating with decision makers to help shape critical policy issues that impact patients and communities statewide.