Pioneer Health Services

Our Vision:

Pioneer Health Services is the premier provider of superior and compassionate healthcare services to rural communities. We are driven to deliver outstanding quality in everything we do.

Our Values:

•       Integrity and Ethical Conduct - We are truthful and trustworthy, striving to provide quality services to patients, their families and every business partner at the highest professional, ethical and legal standard.

•       Rural Communities – We are committed to assuring the viability of rural hospitals in the communities we serve.

•       Employees and Families – We know that our success depends on our employees. We are committed to providing workplace practices, resources and a working environment so they can make a meaningful contribution and maintain a healthy life and work balance.

•       Innovation – We bring creative solutions to healthcare that ensures high quality services to our patients, business partners and employees.

•       Caring and Compassion – We strive to understand the needs of every patient and offer quality clinical services that ensure those needs are fulfilled.

Who is Pioneer?

•       Headquartered in Magee, Mississippi

•       Roughly 2000 Employees

•       Currently owns, operates and manages 8 Critical Access Hospitals (5 in Mississippi, 1 in Virginia, 1 in NC and 1 in Georgia)

•       Introduced the first CAH facility to Mississippi

•       Provide consulting services to 30 CAH facilities2 throughout the United States

•       Revenue Cycle Management

•       Behavioral Health Services (Inpatient and Outpatient)

•       CAH Specific Accounting/Cost Reporting Analysis

•       Managing and operating 23 Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinics