St. Dominic Hospital

Since 1946, when the Dominican Sisters operated the Jackson Infirmary, to St. Dominic's burgeoning reputation as a premier healthcare organization, the human factor has been a vital part of St. Dominic's mission. Our Christian healing ministry goes hand in hand with the latest medical advancements to produce a level of care that addresses the specific needs of each patient, from the physical to the spiritual.

At St. Dominic's, high-tech services are blended with high-touch care to produce the true miracle of healing. We entrust some of the most advanced technology into the hands of highly-skilled and caring physicians, surgeons and healthcare professionals.

St. Dominic's commitment to our patients is illustrated through consistently high patient satisfaction scores, ongoing clinical performance initiatives, excellent medical outcomes and national designations and awards.

Despite these outward signs of excellence, we choose to focus on the patient, extending a level of compassion, care and service that is unparalleled and uncompromised by changing healthcare trends.

Today considered one of the region's most comprehensive hospitals, St. Dominic's boasts outstanding facilities2 offering a variety of programs and services. At the same time, our hospital has maintained its commitment to the healing ministry established by the Dominican Sisters over 60 years ago. We are proud to serve generations of the same family who appreciate our personal touch combined with high quality healthcare.

Through these years of growth, change and transition, St. Dominic's has remained true to its mission. We strive to provide compassionate care, to continually improve innovation and performance, serve the community as a faith-based ministry and communicate a Christian message.


HealthGrades, the nation’s leading independent healthcare ratings organization, recently released their 2009 data.

HealthGrades ranked St. Dominic Hospital number one in the state for heart attack care and the fifth safest hospital in the nation for heart attack outcomes.

St. Dominic’s was also the only hospital in Mississippi to receive a five star rating for heart and stroke.