With nearly 50 years of combined experience, founders Ronith Dunn and Yaffa Grace have earned the respect and trust of candidates and company leaders alike.

We wouldn’t have it any other way: We’ve both had defining medical diagnoses that motivate us to pay it forward. They inspired us to triumph and give back to an industry that literally changed our lives.

We’ve channeled our resilience into an unmatched passion for recruiting the people that’ll take your company to the next level. You have to feel it, and that’s why candidates and companies alike tell us that working with us is different.

We’re passionate about serving startup companies in the biotech space: specifically, oncology, genomics/ diagnostics, rare disease, gene therapy, or an emerging tech company centered in healthcare. We partner with companies who, like us, do things differently.

We focus on growing small teams that deliver first-in-class or novel treatments for patients who have few (if any) options and need these advancements for survival and quality of life.