Precision Hub

Precision Hub is a technology-driven RCM company focused on the American healthcare industry. Clinics across America depend on Precision Hub to improve their clinic operations, reduce error rates, enhance process quality, and increase clinic revenues. Healthcare practitioners report many advantages of subscribing to Precision Hub’s back-office and front-office solution suite, including: •Improving revenue collections •Increasing profitability •Resolving bottlenecks in receivables collections •Flagging and resolving challenges within the payor/physician relationship •Translating insurance and regulatory updates into practical workflows •Reducing process turnaround time •Reducing claims’ denial rates •Using scheduled and ad-hoc reporting to provide at-a-glance performance •Bringing speed, efficiency, and clarity to healthcare decision-making Precision Hub has successfully reduced claim denials with consistent follow-ups, and by employing a team of functional experts to stay abreast of changes in healthcare regulation, insurance provider policies, and healthcare industry shifts in general. Its adherence to process improvement, with the combination of healthcare, technology, and operational expertise enables healthcare practitioners to resume their focus on patient-centered care.