facebook-square.png linkedin-square.png    Eastern State Hospital - ESH is a 317 bed inpatient psychiatric hospital and is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - CMS. ESH  is located in the city of Medical Lake, Washington, which is approximately 20 miles west of Spokane, Washington. ESH is one of two state-owned psychiatric hospitals for adults in the state of Washington.   Eastern State Hospital is a partner with individuals, families, advocates, community healthcare providers, regional support networks, employee organizations, educational organizations, and local and state government systems to provide services to individuals in 20 eastern Washington counties.The hospital provides evaluation and inpatient treatment for individuals with serious or long-term mental illness that have been referred to the hospital through the Behavioral Health Organization, the civil court system - where individuals  have received a civil court order for involuntary treatment - (RCW 71.05) or through the criminal justice system - (RCW 10.77).

ESH Virtual Tour – Information about the hospital 

ESH Recruitment Video – Why our staff choose to work here