Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is a not-for-profit Critical Access Hospital that serves an island community 30 miles from the mainland. It has a deep tradition of compassion and cares for a population of 10,000 full-time residents that increases to more than 50,000 during the summer months.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital, founded in 1911, was located in three cottages on West Chester Street—hence the "cottage" reference in our name. In 1957, the hospital relocated to its present site, 57 Prospect Street.

Today, we continue to build on more than nine decades of quality service to our community, mindful of our mission and committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of care while remaining fiscally responsible and always operating in an environment of continuous quality improvement.

The Board of Trustees, administration, medical and nursing staffs, employees, and volunteers take pride in our level of quality and in our state-of-the-art facilities2, medical equipment, and technology, as well as the intimate, personal care that we continue to provide to our island residents and visitors.

Please visit our website,, which has been designed to give you valuable information about our island hospital. The site is intended to be interactive and informative. It provides an opportunity for you to explore the many dimensions of our fine hospital—its programs and services, medical staff, employees, and activities—and also offers health, wellness, and prevention tips.