Heywood Hospital


Heywood Hospital opened its doors to receive patients on June 27, 1907. The Hospital was given to the Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital Corporation by Mrs. Henry Heywood and her daughter, Helen, in memory of their husband and father, Henry Heywood.

There has been steady and continuous growth in the years which have passed, showing how much the facilities2 are used and appreciated by the community and surrounding areas.

The first addition to the hospital came in 1921, adding Maternity and a Pediatrics ward. The north wing of the hospital was built in 1941 and consisted of three stories, the basement and the first and second floors; the third floor was finished in 1945. In 1952, the hospital again expanded to add the Obstetrical Department, Radiology, Laboratory and a new Pediatrics floor.

In 1961, a new surgical wing was opened on the south side of the hospital. In addition to the surgical suites, an eight bed Recovery Room, large Emergency Room area, Central Supply and educational classroom areas were added. On the first floor, a modern nursing unit was developed to include 40 medical and surgical beds. In 1972, a 3.5 million dollar expansion project was completed adding Coronary Care beds, Nuclear Medicine, Administrative offices and a much needed cafeteria. In 1978, the north wing was renovated and the 12 bed Mental Health Unit was completed.

In 1982, the Winchendon Hospital was acquired and converted to the Winchendon Health Center, expanding the service area. Also during that year, a new Radiology wing was added, housing the Radiographic Imaging, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography and CT Scan Department in a modern, functional facility.

In 1990, a new Medical Office Building was completed which houses physician offices and a pharmacy. In 1993, the hospital completed several renovations and expansion projects including the Watkins Emergency Center, the LaChance Maternity Center, Physical Therapy, and the Mental Health Unit. In addition, major renovation projects began at the Winchendon Health Center and the hospital Annex building. The majority of these renovations were made possible by a successful $3.2 million capital campaign, involving more than 1,000 donors from the hospital and the community.

Conversion of the Pediatrics Unit to a Transitional Care Center was completed at the end of 1995. In 1996, the hospital completed an addition to the Medical Office Building and additional renovations to the Hospital Annex.


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