Trace Regional Hospital

Trace Regional (TRH) and Floy Dyer Manor(FDM) were built in 1957 and are currently a 150 bed complex composed of 84 general acute care beds and 66 nursing home beds and include clinics in Houston, MS and Vardaman, MS. TRH provides an array of general acute medical and surgical services including a geriatric psychiatric unit, CT, mammogram, laboratory, cardiologic services, rehabilitation services, and many other specialized diagnostic services.

Our Company mission is “to preserve and improve human life by providing residents of rural communities’ access to exceptional, personalized and caring health services.”

Our goal as an employer is to provide a rewarding job package which will attract and retain good employees. We are committed to providing you:
• Competitive pay and incentives
• The right mix of fringe benefits that provide you and your family with extra financial security at affordable prices
• Safe and clean working conditions
• Management that is talented and aggressive in providing good leadership
• Respect for you as an individual
• Opportunity, on the basis of your abilities and performance, for you to grow in your career