Covington County Hospital

Covington County Hospital opened in 1951 as a 25-bed hospital with the goal of providing the best possible medical care at an affordable cost for the people of Covington County. After many changes throughout the years, Covington County Hospital became a 25-bed critical access hospital in 2005.

Almost three hundred people are employed by Covington County Hospital and are committed to the hospital's mission of serving patients and their families with care and compassion. Before employment, every candidate goes through a step-by-step process, which includes filing written applications, engaging in one or more interviews with hiring personnel, consenting to criminal background checks, and health vaccinations. The credentials of candidates are also scrutinized before candidates are considered for employment. Before beginning, every new-hire is required to participate in orientation programs to become acclimated with the hospital and the expected code of conduct. In our effort to recruit and hire the best of the best, these mandatory procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all parties and to guarantee employees' competency for performance.