Canopy Children's Solutions

Mississippi’s Voice for Children and Families

Not all ailments are physical. The reality is that one in five children suffers from a behavioral health challenge. One child in 68 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, with as much as one in 42 boys. More than 1.3 million teenagers struggle with substance abuse and dependence, and nearly 1 million children fall victim to abuse and neglect each year. Confronted with these statistics, children and families in Mississippi need a proven leader with a record of success.

The History of Canopy Children’s Solutions

Canopy Children’s Solutions (Canopy), formerly Mississippi Children’s Home Services, is Mississippi’s most comprehensive nonprofit provider of children’s behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions. Founded in 1912 as an adoption agency, Canopy has served the children and families of Mississippi for over 100 years. Our programs developed for Mississippi’s children, youth, and families continue to evolve to meet society’s changing needs. Today, Canopy serves all 82 counties through a full range of innovative solutions.

Canopy’s Mission and Values

Canopy employs a diverse group of mission-driven employees committed to honoring the voice of Mississippi children and families. We work to keep these voices heard by our state and national leaders. Our employees are published academics and research journalists in behavioral health and social service issues.

Community Involvement and Accreditations

We advance the quality of behavioral health services in Mississippi and throughout the United States with our involvement and active participation in professional boards and organizations, including: National Association of Children’s Behavioral Health, Children’s Home Society of America, National Building Blocks Summits, Mississippi Association of Child Care Agencies, Mississippi Autism Advisory Committee, and Mississippi Congressional Task Force.

We excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value. Canopy is accredited, licensed, and certified by: The Joint Commission, Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, Mississippi Department of Health, Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Mississippi Division of Medicaid, Mississippi Department of Education, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Our Faithful Stewardship

As a nonprofit, we take being a good steward of our resources seriously. As a result, the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office reports that up to 93% of our revenue goes directly to our programs and serving children and families. Canopy is faithfully governed by a committed Board of Directors. Furthermore, Canopy is recognized for outstanding management practices by the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits.

Canopy is supported by a number of public and private partners. We are grateful for the support of our donors in addition to the following organizations:

Mississippi Development Authority; Mississippi Department of Education; Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services; Mississippi Department of Mental Health; Mississippi Division of Medicaid; Mississippi Department of Public Safety; Department of Health and Human Services; Mississippi Boards of Supervisors; Municipalities; Corporate and Foundation Grants; and United Way.


Received the 2015 Community Service Award at the Gulf Coast 2015 Victims’ Rights Week Candlelight Ceremony for MCHS’ work to save the failing Children’s Advocacy Center on the Coast