Montgomery County Memorial Hospital


Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is the preferred healthcare resource in southwest Iowa, delivering quality care and performance excellence.  Quality care with dignity, compassion and respect. Every person. Every time.   To care for life's gift of health is a vocation of the highest order. We accept the responsibility entrusted to us every day: to serve humanity.  By bringing together talented, dedicated people and advanced technology, we strive to provide quality health care. We take pride in ourselves, our colleagues and our workplace. Pride is demonstrated in the service excellence we deliver each day.   We treat all people with dignity, compassion and respect. We believe that each person is unique and has the right to participate in his or her own health care decisions.  More than buildings and equipment, people are Montgomery County Memorial Hospital. Our success depends on an atmosphere of fairness and mutual respect. We are committed to providing equal opportunity for employment, growth and advancement. Furthermore, all employees are provided the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the fulfillment of our mission and are recognized for their accomplishments.