Memorial Health

Memorial Hospital is a 97-bed primary and emergency care center with over 30 additional service lines including laboratory and imaging services, long-term nursing care, an occupational health center, and more. Compared to other facilities, some may consider us a hometown hospital—but we have a big commitment to the community we grew up with in the role we play, the concern we express for our friends and neighbors, and the services we provide to back up that concern.

Spend any time with our staff, or spend any time strolling through our community, and you’ll understand what we mean when we say working at Memorial Health is more than a place to work, more than the next slot on your resumé.

It’s a decision. To become part of a family, part of a community, and part of a legacy of serving and treating patients the way you’d want to be served and treated. When you work at Memorial Health, the benefits go well beyond the material (and believe us, the material ones alone are very good).