9 Stress Management Tips for Medical Students

In Education, Healthcare News
February 9, 2016

Stress management activities and techniques are anti-depression strategies our super bright medical students haven’t completely figured out yet and it’s getting serious.

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Top 10 Allied Health Jobs That Only Need an Associate’s Degree

In Career Advice, Job Search
February 6, 2016

Allied health professionals usually provide support to physicians, dentists, and nurses. They deliver a range of care to patients that include many duties, such as: diagnosing, providing therapies, and delivering […]

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8 Sports Medicine Jobs That Will Keep Your Future in Shape

In Education, Job Search
February 4, 2016

Sports medicine jobs are great for people who love sports and want to help people. They are also great for people who want to work in sports, but can’t play […]

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10 Bedside Manner Techniques to Improve Patient Experience

In Career Advice
February 2, 2016

Bedside manner is an important topic among medical professionals and patients. Dealing with disgruntled patients isn’t easy, but neither is dealing with disgruntled doctors.

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Top 10 Medical Residency Programs in the U.S.

In Education
January 29, 2016

Doximity released a survey to thousands of doctors to compile research on the best medical residency programs in the nation. We took those results and elaborated a bit.

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10 Negotiating Salary Tactics: How to Get Paid What You Deserve

In Career Advice, Salary
January 26, 2016

There is nothing more intimidating for new employees than negotiating salary. We often think of it as a pushy or antagonistic practice, but the truth is, it’s not as scary […]

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10 Cheap Scrub Sets That Your Wallet Will Love

In Career Advice, Education
January 21, 2016

Constantly buying scrubs can be a pain in your wallet and a waste of your time. Healthcare professionals go through many pairs of scrubs throughout the year, and many complain […]

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10 Best Medical Apps on the Market

In Career Advice
January 19, 2016

With all the technology we have today, it’s no wonder why our medical professionals are turning to mobile devices for help with patient care. Here are the best medical apps […]

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Top 10 Medical School Rankings

In Education, Healthcare News
January 14, 2016

Coming into the new year, we wanted to compile a new list of the best medical school rankings. There are a ton of medical schools in the United States and since […]

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Top 10 Best Healthcare Jobs

In Career Advice, Healthcare News
January 12, 2016

We here at HospitalCareers wanted to make a list of the best healthcare jobs for people that need new horizons– or the ones wondering what kind of healthcare jobs might fit […]

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