10 Best Medical Apps on the Market

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January 19, 2016

Best Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

With all the technology we have today, it’s no wonder why our medical professionals are turning to mobile devices for help with patient care. Here are the best medical apps on the market.

Phones and tablets are increasingly more powerful and convenient than laptops and have healthcare providers (HCPs) using them for day-to-day tasks. From information and time management to patient care and monitoring, popular medical apps on Apple and Android devices help doctors increase productivity, increase efficiency, make better clinical decisions, improve their accuracy, and be more mobile.

More than 87% of healthcare providers use smartphones or a tablet in the workplace. Gone are the days of paper medical records in manila folders, absent physicians who have to spend their time rifling through text books for research and references, and outdated diagnostic and calculating devices.

Today, healthcare professionals use mobile devices for searching medical topics and symptoms, a drug reference guide, a medical calculator, or for clinical guidelines and decision support.

Since medical apps are the new wave in healthcare and many HCPs use them, we’ve decided to make a list of the best medical apps for healthcare professionals.

10 Best Medical Apps:

1. Doximity

Doximity is #1 on our medical apps list because it allows physicians and other professionals to stay connected to their colleagues, former classmates, and/or co-residents; look for opportunities in other hospitals by maintaining a network with colleagues and employers at various other institutions; earn continuing education credits by housing a catalog of medical journals that count for Category 1 credits; and send and receive HIPAA-secure faxes from a mobile device.

Doximity - Best Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

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This app allows medical professionals to streamline their efforts and maximize their time. With their HIPAA-secure fax function, doctors can send and receive crucial documents on their mobile devices without having to wait or navigate multiple devices.

This app is a great social tool, also. It lets healthcare professionals interact and find each other across the nation. More than 500,000 physicians use Doximity today– that’s more than the American Medical Association– and they are sharing and interacting, turning Doximity into the biggest social network for healthcare professionals.

2. Box

Box is great for medical professionals because it lets them to securely access content, share files and collaborate with other healthcare providers from anywhere and on any device. Another great thing about Box is that it is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). This means doctors can store and exchange patient information safely and securely without being subject to lawsuits or breech of patient confidentiality.

Box - Best Medical Apps

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Doctors can share large files securely with their coworkers even if they are outside of their firewall, which can really help if healthcare providers are in different locations, but working with the same patient. They can also set different permissions only allowing certain people to view, upload, or have access to certain documents. The app also lets you track in realtime, which allows you to see who is accessing your documents.

3. PatientKeeper

Patientkeeper - Best Medical Apps

PatientKeeper lets physicians have complete access to patient clinical data anytime, anywhere. Now, they don’t have to carry around a bulky laptop with saved records or manage multiple systems to have their patient’s information in front of them when they need it. With PatientKeeper, doctors can access important data like:

  • Patient Lists
  • Patient Summaries
  • Lab Results
  • Test Results
  • Medication Lists
  • Clinical Notes
  • Vital Signs and I/Os
  • Allergies

The PatientKeeper Platform conforms to HIPAA guidelines for ensuring patient confidentiality and privacy. They have an encrypted server that protects and secures data before it is transmitted to a mobile device. All the information stays encrypted until the recipient views it from their secure application. Users must enter a secure PIN number or password to access the application and if they get it wrong a number of times it locks them out and wipes all the data from the device.

4. Mobile MIM

Mobile MIM is a diagnostic imaging app for Apple products. It allows imaging professionals the ability to work away from their workstations and diagnose images portably and in realtime. It allows them to consult with other imaging professionals on difficult cases by giving them the freedom to be away from their workstations.

Mobile MIM - Best Medical Apps

The app lets imaging professionals review X-rays and ultrasounds and enables them to bypass downloading and burning to CDs. They can also correspond between referring physicians and patients by having all the data they need at their fingertips.

Another benefit of this medical app is that you can keep all the data stored on your local network, or send it to the very secure MIMcloud. The MIMcloud is encrypted and HIPAA compliant and allows users to access data offsite and share between multiple MIMcloud users if initiated by main user.

5. Epocrates

Epocrates is a great resource for references and correspondence between healthcare professionals. The app allows physicians to look up drugs and check for harmful interactions between drugs. The app allows doctors to check for interaction between up to 30 drugs at once.

It also lets doctors consult with peer-reviewed disease content, to crosscheck diagnosis and discover potentially overlooked ailments.

Epocrates - Best Medical Apps

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With Epocrates, doctors can send secure messages to colleagues and chat with care teams to ensure quality care and that no stone has been left unturned.

It’s great for corresponding with other healthcare professionals and reviewing guidelines to ensure the diagnosis and treatment path is the correct one.

The app was designed to support clinical decisions by delivering the most current safety, diagnostic, and treatment information in realtime.

The app also saves time by putting all a doctor’s reference needs in one organized, categorized spot so they can find what they want, when the need it. Instead of thumbing through medical journals or lists on Google, doctors can use Epocrates, find what they need and put their focus back on proper patient care.

6. Diagnosaurus

Diagnosaurus helps medical professionals form a differential diagnosis and list possible diseases or causes based on vague symptoms.

The app isn’t supposed to guarantee a correct diagnosis or formulate one for a doctor, it is supposed to be used to pull together various diseases based on symptoms provided and help the medical professional form their own diagnosis.

Diagnosaurus - Best Medical Apps

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It has a search bar to allow a quick search of thousands of symptoms and can be used without internet. The hyperlinks in the app also help medical professionals narrow down vague symptoms. It only costs 99 cents in the app store, so that is another plus about this resource.

It shouldn’t be used as a app for diagnosing, only one to help formulate a diagnosis based on the information it houses. If used properly, it can help healthcare professionals save time and diagnose diseases that could’ve been missed.

7. Evernote

Evernote is like a recorder on steroids. This app allows doctors to take notes and dictate happenings without needing to put pen to paper. With Evernote, there is no need to spend hours writing or making a medical scribe do it for you.

It could help alleviate a medical scribe’s responsibilities or completely remove the human element from transcription. Evernote makes it possible for a physician to focus on thinking medically instead of clerically.

Evernote - Best Medical Apps

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With Evernote a doctor can keep pictures, notes, lengthy research, web articles, and every detail of their project in one space. What is great about the app is it keeps healthcare providers organized and minimizes the amount of paper and desktop files.

The app categorizes all notes, pictures, articles, research, screenshots, whatever, into a searchable database, so you can look for it later without digging through files. It’s framework and functionality helps doctors maximize their efficiency and stay in touch with people crucial to projects and patients.

8. QuantiaMD

For healthcare professionals looking to get their continuing education credits (CME), QuantiaMD is the best app for the job. This app has a huge network of healthcare professionals, professors, and top experts who host lectures and Q&A sessions.

QuantiaMD - Best Medical Apps

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The application is partnered with many popular healthcare associations and faculty from top universities. They offer CMEs from Category 1 lectures, to advanced courses in furthuring education. They have courses in every medical field topic and will let people join for free.

It’s a great resource for those that don’t know where to go for CMEs or for those who just want a handy, accessible app they can download to get everything they need.

9. Perfect OB Wheel

If you are an OB, an OB nurse, or any medical professional that works in labor and delivery, the Perfect OB Wheel app has been voted #1 gestation calculator and a live saver. Many of these professionals either lose the paper OB wheel or another nurse swipes it from them and it is forever gone. With this app, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because it is directly on your phone.

Perfect Ob Wheel - Best Medical Apps

This app is simple and fast and it does everything digitally, so you don’t have to turn a confusing paper wheel to determine when a baby is due. It calculates trimesters, gestational age, and tells you when the baby is due. With the Perfect OB Wheel, you just input your numbers and the gestation calculator gives you the most accurate estimate of when a baby will come into the world.

 10. HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me

With HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me, healthcare professionals can see disease outbreak information in real-time and use the information to buffer the community or respond to a crisis. The app was designed to keep communities informed and help stop the spread of contagious illnesses, because if you know about it, you can protect against it.

This app makes it last on our list because it’s not just for medical professionals, but for everyone. It’s more of an information app to let people know what’s happening around them. Their main goal was to bring everybody from various audiences together to facilitate early detection of global public health threats.

HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me - Best Medical Apps

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What they do is great because knowing makes all the difference and the app brings together healthcare professionals, community leaders, and emergency workers, so they can take the first steps in preventing a global crisis.

With these medical apps, the ways of diagnosing, researching, and providing patient care is changing. Healthcare professionals can use these tools to become more efficient, save time, and come up with better treatment plans. When our doctors have better tools, we get better healthcare. Technology is doing great things for our medical advancement is this country, and we hope, and expect, to see more sophisticated medical apps in the future.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Do you think the usage of apps is good or bad?

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