Best Jobs for the Future in Healthcare

Top 10 Best Jobs for the Future in Healthcare

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It’s no secret that some of the best jobs for the future are in the healthcare field, especially with advances in medicine developing more rapidly each year.We’ll continue to need medical professionals to treat our illnesses, repair our bodies, and rehabilitate us as the average lifespan continues to skyrocket.

With that in mind, right now is the best time to pursue a career that is not only rewarding but also future-proof.

With the overall average growth rate of 11% across all jobs, healthcare professionals enjoy much higher job security than employees in other fields.

We’ve compiled the by ranking them by highest growth rate from 2012 – 2022, based on data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Remember, these are not the highest paid positions, but rather the most prolific. The number of many of the jobs listed here will continue to rise long after 2022 due to aging populations and the advancements made in medical technology.

The Best Jobs for the Future Include:

10. Medical Assistant – 29%

Medical Assistant - Best Jobs for the Future

Medical assistants rank #10 on our list, but still sit high above the average job growth rate at +18%.

The duties of this position vary depending on where the assistant is working. In general, though, they handle administrative work like managing records, keeping track of patient information, handling insurance paperwork and scheduling appointments.

Other duties include instructing patients about medications and preparing them for certain procedures.

No degree is required for this position, just a certification that can be completed on anyone’s schedule.

As a Medical Assistant, you can expect to bring in roughly $30,000/year, depending on location and experience.

9. Surgical Technologist – 30%

Surgical Technologist - Best Jobs for the Future

At #9 we have the Surgical Technologists at +19% above the average.

These men and women assist in surgical operations, preparing operating rooms, equipment, and instruments prior to, during, and after surgeries.

This is a career perfect for the neat-freaks out there because keeping yourself and the surgical equipment sterile is one of these employee’s main priorities.

This position does not require a degree, only a certification that takes very little time to complete.

Expect to make around $42,000/year, depending on location and experience.

8. Nurse Anesthetist, Midwife, & Practitioner – 31%

Nurse Practitioner - Best Jobs for the Future

Coming in at the #8 in the best jobs for the future in healthcare, we have the nurses anesthetists, midwives, & practitioners at +20% above the average.

These nurses differ from Registered Nurses as they take on much more responsibility and require much more training as you have to obtain a master’s degree.

Their responsibilities include everything from recording patient histories to performing tests to research.

If you’re someone who enjoys a wide array of responsibilities, pursuing one of these options may be the right career choice for you.

These positions require at least a Master’s degree, but you can expect a salary of round $96,000/year, depending on location and experience.

7. Audiologist – 34%

Audiologist - Best Jobs for the Future

At #7 we have the Audiologists, coming in at a +23% job growth rate above the overall average.

Audiologists focus on patient’s hearing and balance issues by performing inner-ear examinations, diagnosing problems or complications, and fitting patients with devices to enhance their hearing.

Other responsibilities include research, counseling on communication methods like lip reading, and monitoring the progress of their patients.

If this career path interests you, expect to pursue a doctoral degree.

Audiologists typically earn $65,000 – $70,000/yr, depending on location and experience.

6. Orthotist & Prosthetist – 36%

Orthotist & Prosthetist - Best Jobs for the Future

With a +25% job growth rate above the average, Orthotists and Prosthetists come in at #6 on our list.

These medical professionals design supportive medical devices, and measure and fit patients for them.

Their responsibilities include determining the patient’s needs, designing custom prosthetics for individual patients (often by making molds of the patient’s body), instructing patients on proper use of their prosthetic, and documenting the patient’s overall condition.

This position requires a master’s degree and can expect to pull in roughly $63,000/year, depending on location and experience.

5. Physician Assistant – 38%

Physician Assistant - Best Jobs for the Future
At #5 we have the Physician Assistants, coming in at +27% higher than the average job growth rate.

Physician Assistants generally review patient histories, order diagnostic testing, provide treatment like immunizations, prescribe medicines, and record patient progress.

They’re also usually the ones responsible with educating the patient’s family on medical conditions and the proper use of medical treatments.

If this is a career you’re interested in, expect to obtain a master’s degree.

Physician Assistants can expect to earn roughly $90,000/year, depending on location and experience.

4. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Technician, & Technologist – 39%

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer - Best Jobs for the Future

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Technicians, and Technologists rank at #4 on our list with a huge growth rate of +28% over the average.

These positions are generally responsible for recording patient histories, answering questions about procedures, operating equipment for diagnostic testing, analysis of diagnostic imaging and discovering abnormalities, and recording their findings.

You’ll need an associate’s degree to take up one of these positions, and you can expect to earn about $60,000/year.

3. Physical Therapist (Tie) – 41%

Physical Therapist - Best Jobs for the Future

When looking at the best jobs for the future, there was bound to be a tie. A tie between three positions for the #3 spot, in this case.

At #3 on the list, with the first position being Physical Therapists at +30% expected growth over the average.

Physical therapists are responsible for reviewing patient histories, diagnosing any dysfunctional movements when the patient walks or stands, and addressing the issue.

They compose care plans to correct any abnormalities using stretching and exercises to increase the patient’s mobility, prevent pain and injury, and help them get back on their feet.

To become a PT, you must obtain either a Doctoral degree or professional degree from an accredited institution.

You can expect to earn roughly $80,000/year, depending on location and experience.

3. Occupational Therapist (Tie) – 41%

Occupational Therapist - Best Jobs for the Future

Second in the #3 slot is Occupational Therapist, with +30% expected job growth higher than the average.

Occupational Therapists evaluate patient conditions and develop treatment plans for specific types of activities. Much of their work is with the disabled.

They perform tasks like demonstrating exercises to strengthen key areas of the body, identify improvements that can be made in a patient’s environment, and evaluate the home and workplace needs of the patient.

To put it simply, the alter the environment of the patient to fit their particular needs.

A master’s degree is required before you can pursue this position and you can expect to earn around $75,000/year, depending on location and experience.

3. Genetic Counselor (Tie) – 41%

Genetic Counselor - Best Jobs for the Future

The third career in the #3 slot is the Genetic Counselor, also with +30% job growth higher than the overall growth for all jobs.

These professionals work with DNA, analyzing it to discover any abnormalities or to identify patients at risk of particular disorders that may have been inherited.

By diagnosing patients via DNA, they can produce treatment plans and options for managing any complications that may arise.

If this is an attractive career option for you, expect to earn a master’s degree.

Genetic Counselors can expect to earn around $56,000/year, depending on location and experience.

2. Home Health Aide – 48%

Home Health Aide - Best Jobs for the Future

At #2 with a staggering +37% growth rate above the overall average, we have the Home Health Aide.

Home Health Aides primarily work with the disabled or chronically ill by administering medications, performing daily tasks, and providing basic health services.

They’re responsible for arranging medical appointments for the patients they oversee as well as taking care of patient housekeeping, if they are unable.

This position requires no degree to start and you can expect to earn around $21,000/year, depending on location and experience.

1. Personal Care Aide – 49%

Personal Care Aide - Best Jobs for the Future

And finally, at the #1 position on our list for highest expected job growth, 2012 – 2022, we have the Personal Care Aide at a whopping +38% above the overall growth average, making them the best of the best jobs for the future!

A Personal Care Aide helps clients/patients with everyday tasks, acts as a companion, assists with patient hygiene, arranges transportation, and basically manages the lives of their clients.

Sometimes they’re also referred to as “homemakers,” “caregivers,” or “personal attendants” as well.

However, unlike Home Health Aides, they cannot provide any kind of medical treatment or services.

Other than some short training, no other degree is necessary to obtain this position and you can expect to earn roughly $20,000/year, depending on location and experience.


Well there you have it, the top 10 best jobs for the future in healthcare. Make sure you check out the thousands of hospital jobs available through!

As you can probably tell, many of the positions in this list are going to continue to grow even further as our average lifespans continue to improve with medical advances.

If you’re thinking about taking up a career in the healthcare, these are definitely great options for someone of any level of education who wants to secure their future and make sure that there will always be a job waiting for them.

For more information about these positions, check out our Career Profiles and Job Trends sections.

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