4 Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

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January 12, 2017

4 Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

When you think about careers with travel opportunities, healthcare jobs are probably not the first to come to mind. However, if you’re looking to combine your passion for the medical field with your hunger for travel, you’re in luck — there are quite a few opportunities for you!

Hospitals and staffing groups are always searching for medical professionals with the flexibility to travel to new locations. These positions are lucrative for other reasons, too — hospitals and staffing companies typically provide traveling professionals with a full benefits package, furnished housing, mileage reimbursement, and sometimes even a rental car.

If you think this type of hospital job might be right for you, here are four traveling positions to check out:

1. Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse - Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who is hired to work in a specific area for a limited amount of time (typically 13 to 26 weeks). Due to the high demand for nurses, it is not rare for there to be shortages in certain areas. That’s where travel nurses come in.

They will travel to new locations to fill gaps where they are needed — and they often get to choose where they go! The growth for nursing jobs currently sits at a high 16%, but the demand for nurses who are willing to travel is even higher.

Additionally, while the median pay for nurses is around $68,000 per year, travel nurses can expect even more than that with the many financial benefits that come along with traveling. Usually, traveling RNs receive a stipend to cover housing arrangements while on the assignment, as well as transportation expenses and more.

To read more about what makes travel nursing an incredible hospital career, read our blog post all about it.

Interested in a career in travel nursing? Visit our travel nursing jobs page to find current opportunities.

2. Traveling Medical Scribe

Medical Scribe - Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

Not yet a full-blown medical professional, but still want to get some great experience in a hospital job before continuing your education? Scribing is the way to go — and it even offers opportunities for travel! If you missed our blog post all about the role of a medical scribe, you can read it here.

If you are currently a medical scribe, or have experience scribing, you might be able to become a Certified Trainer Scribe with opportunities to travel to facilities across the country. As a CTS, you’ll help implement new scribe programs in emergency departments for six or more weeks at a time.

Once your time at one facility is up, you can travel to a new location. Like travel nurses, Certified Trainer Scribes enjoy covered housing and transportation expenses, and in some cases, the company provides a rental car to drive while on assignments.

3. Travel Therapist

Travel Physical Therapist - Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

If you are a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, or in any other therapy job with a desire to travel, becoming a traveling therapist could be just what you’re looking for.

Often, a hospital or healthcare facility may have therapy jobs open due to absences and leaves, staffing training, or any other circumstance that results in a staffing gap. Typically, assignments last from 13 to 26 weeks, with the opportunity to travel somewhere new afterwards or take a break between assignments — and you can choose where you want to go.

Also, like other traveling hospital careers, travel therapists enjoy numerous financial benefits.

4. Locum Tenens Physician

Travel Physical Therapist - Healthcare Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

If you are a medical school student or a practicing physician, this one’s for you. Locum tenens is a Latin phrase meaning “to hold the place of, to substitute for” — which is exactly what these physicians do.

When a physician is on an extended leave, or hospitals are in need of staff during peak seasons, locum tenens physicians fill in for them. Practicing physicians choose to take the locum tenens route for a variety of reasons including a more flexible schedule, experience in different facilities and settings, extra income, and of course, travel opportunities.

Locum tenens placements can last from a number of days to six months or more depending on the position that needs to be filled. To find out more about locum tenens physicians, and how to become one, this website may be helpful.

Whether you are a physician, a nurse, a therapist, or simply trying to get more experience in the medical field, there is a variety of career opportunities that allow you to travel the country — and many travel jobs let you choose where you want to go!

Also, because hospital jobs are in high demand, traveling comes with many financial and personal benefits. If you have skills in the medical field, a passion for taking care of people, a love for travel, and a flexible schedule, the possibilities of a traveling healthcare career are endless.

Are you a traveling medical professional? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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